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Advertisement Policy

Welcome to The Rajdhani Times‘ Advertisement Policy. This policy outlines the principles and guidelines for advertising on our website. By using our advertising services or placing advertisements on our platform, you agree to comply with the following policies:

1. Advertising Principles

1.1. Transparency: Advertisements should be clearly identifiable as such and should not mislead or deceive users into thinking they are part of our editorial content.

1.2. Relevance: Advertisements should be relevant to our audience and align with our content guidelines. We reserve the right to reject or remove advertisements that do not meet this criterion.

1.3. Respectfulness: Advertisements must be respectful of our readers and should not contain offensive, discriminatory, or harmful content. We will not accept advertisements that promote hate speech, violence, or discrimination.

2. Ad Formats

2.1. Display Ads: We offer various display ad formats, including banner ads and sidebars. Advertisers should adhere to our specifications for ad dimensions and file formats.

2.2. Native Advertising: Native ads should be clearly labeled as “sponsored” or “promoted content” and should not mimic our editorial content in design or layout.

2.3. Video Ads: Video advertisements should not auto-play with sound and should allow users to easily pause or mute the video.

3. Ad Targeting

3.1. Behavioral Targeting: We may use cookies and other tracking technologies to provide targeted advertising. Advertisers must comply with applicable privacy laws and provide opt-out mechanisms for users who do not wish to be tracked.

4. Prohibited Content

4.1. Illegal Products or Services: We do not accept advertisements for illegal products or services, including but not limited to drugs, firearms, and counterfeit goods.

4.2. Misleading Claims: Advertisements must not contain false or misleading claims about products or services.

4.3. Adult Content: We do not accept advertisements containing adult content, including explicit imagery or adult entertainment.

5. Review and Approval

5.1. Ad Approval: All advertisements are subject to review and approval by The Rajdhani Times Team. We reserve the right to reject or remove any advertisement that violates our policies or does not align with our values and mission.

6. Sponsored Content

6.1. Sponsored Articles: If an article is sponsored or paid for by an advertiser, it will be clearly labeled as “sponsored content.”

6.2. Editorial Independence: Sponsored content does not influence our editorial decisions or the content of our news articles. Editorial integrity is of utmost importance to us.

7. Advertiser Responsibilities

7.1. Compliance: Advertisers are responsible for ensuring that their advertisements comply with all applicable laws and regulations, including but not limited to advertising standards and consumer protection laws.

7.2. Data Collection: If advertisers collect user data through advertisements, they must clearly disclose their data collection practices and privacy policies to users.

8. Changes to Advertisement Policy

We may update this Advertisement Policy at any time to reflect changes in our advertising practices or for legal, regulatory, or operational reasons without any prior notice. Advertisers are responsible for reviewing this policy periodically to ensure compliance with our guidelines.

9. Contact Us

If you have any questions or concerns about this Advertisement Policy or advertising on The Rajdhani Times, please contact us at here

Thank you for considering advertising with The Rajdhani Times. We look forward to working with you to provide our readers with relevant and respectful advertisements.